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A comparison of mutagenic PhIP and beneficial 8-C-(E-phenylethenyl)quercetin and 6-C-(E-phenylethenyl)quercetin formation under microwave and conventional heating



2018, 9: 3853-3859


Protective effects of gamma-aminobutyric acid against H2O2-induced oxidative stress in RIN-m5F pancreatic cells

Nutrition and Metabolism



A two-chain aspartic protease present in seeds with high affinity for peanut oil bodies

Food Chemistry

2018, 241: 443-451


A new approach for facile synthesis of phytosteryl phenolates

Food Chemistry

2018, 263: 321-326


Enzymatic synthesis of phytosteryl lipoate and its antioxidant properties

Food Chemistry

2018, 240: 736-742


Efficient enzyme-selective synthesis of monolauryl mannose in a circulating fluidized bed reactor

Process Biochemistry

2018, 66: 28-32


Dynamic High-Pressure Microfluidization Treatment of Rice Bran: Effect on Pb(II) Ions Adsorption In Vitro

Journal of Food Science

2018, 83: 1980-1989


Hydrothermal pretreatment of bamboo sawdust using microwave irradiation

Bioresource Technology

2018,247: 234-241


Microwave-assisted co-pyrolysis of pretreated lignin and soapstock for upgrading liquid oil: Effect of pretreatment parameters on pyrolysis behavior

Bioresource Technology



Antarctic krill lipid extracted by subcritical n-butane and comparison with supercritical CO2 and conventional solvent extraction

LWT-Food Science and Technology

2018, 94: 1-7


Enhancement of pyruvate productivity in Candida glabrata by deleting the CgADE13 gene to improve acid tolerance

Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering



HPTLC-FLD-SERS as a facile and reliable screening tool: Exemplarily shown with tyramine in cheese

Journal of Food and Drug Analysis

2018, 26: 688-695


Screening of Phenolic Antioxidants in Edible Oils by HPTLC-DPPH Assay and MS Confirmation

Food Analytical Methods

2018, 11: 3170-3178


Enzyme assisted fermentation of potato pulp: An effective way to reduce water holding capacity and improve drying efficiency

Food Chemistry

2018, 258: 118-123


Effects of ionic liquid/water mixture pretreatment on the composition, the structure and the enzymatic hydrolysis of corn stalk

Industrial Crops and Products

2018, 122: 142-147


Mechanism for improved protection of whey protein isolate against the photodecomposition of folic acid

Food Hydrocolloids

2018, 79: 439-449


Effects of high hydrostatic pressure on Rhizopus chinensis lipase: II. Intermediate states during unfolding

Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies

2018, 45: 152-160


Synthesis of a hierarchically porous niobium phosphate monolith by a sol-gel method for fructose dehydration to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural

Catalysis Science and Technology

2018, 8: 3675-3685


Strain-specific properties of Lactobacillus plantarum for prevention of Salmonella infection

Food& Function

2018, 9: 3673-3682


GPR120 is not required for omega-3 PUFAs-induced cell growth inhibition and apoptosis in breast cancer cells

Cell Biology International

2018, 42: 180-186


Effect of a dual modification by hydroxypropylation and acid hydrolysis on the structure and rheological properties of potato starch

Food Hydrocolloids

2018, 77: 825-833


Molecular interactions in debranched waxy starch and their effects on digestibility and hydrogel properties

Food Hydrocolloids

2018, 84: 166-172


Comparative study on the interaction between native corn starch and

different hydrocolloids during gelatinization

International Journal of Biological Macromolecul-es



Effects of acid hydrolysis intensity on the properties of starch/xanthan mixtures

International Journal of Biological Macromolecul-es

2018, 106: 320-329


Preparation and Characterization of Insulin-Loaded Zein/Carboxymethylated Short-Chain Amylose Complex Nanoparticles

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2018, 66: 9335-9343


Fabrication and characterization of complex nanoparticles based on carboxymethyl short chain amylose and chitosan by ionic gelation

Food& Function

2018, 9: 2902-2912


Synergistic effect of sodium dodecyl sulfate and salts on the gelation properties of acid-hydrolyzed-hydroxypropylated potato starch

LWT-Food Science and Technology

2018, 93: 556-562


Effects of casein micellar structure on the stability of milk protein-based conjugated linoleic acid microcapsules

Food Chemistry

2018, 269: 327-334


Changes of intracellular porphyrin, reactive oxygen species and fatty acids profiles during inactivation of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus by antimicrobial blue light

Frontiers in Physiology



Phenylboronic Acid Functionalized Adsorbents for Selective and Reversible Adsorption of Lactulose from Syrup Mixtures

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2018, 66: 9269-9281


Preparation of high-purity lactulose through efficient recycling of catalyst sodium aluminate and nanofiltration: a pilot-scale purification

Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

2018, 98: 5352-5360


Rheological properties of deesterified pectin with different methoxylation degree

Food Bioscience

2018, 23: 91-99


Effect of Moisture and Heat Treatment of Corn Germ on Oil Quality

Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society

2018, 95: 383-390


Effect of heating temperature and duration on the texture and protein composition of Bighead Carp (Aristichthys nobilis) muscle

International Journal of Food Properties

2018, 21: 2110-2120


Quality of giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) during the storage at-18 degrees C as affected by different methods of freezing

International Journal of Food Properties

2018, 21: 2100-2109


Effects of the variety and oil extraction method on the quality, fatty acid composition and antioxidant capacity of Torreya grandis kernel oils

LWT-Food Science and Technology

2018, 91: 398-405


Synthesis of structured lipids enriched with medium-chain fatty acids via solvent-free acidolysis of microbial oil catalyzed by Rhizomucor miehei lipase

LWT-Food Science and Technology

2018, 93: 306-315


Effects of heat pretreatment of wet-milled corn germ on the physicochemical properties of oil

Journal of Food Science and Technology-Mysore

2018, 55: 3154-3162


Improving the stability of wheat gliadin nanoparticles - Effect of gum arabic addition

Food Hydrocolloids

2018, 80: 78-87


Leu600 mutations decrease product inhibition of the beta-cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase from Bacillus circulans STB01

International Journal of Biological Macromolecul-es

2018, 115: 1194-1201


Comparison of phytochemical profiles and antiproliferative activities of different proanthocyanidins fractions from Choerospondias axillaris fruit peels

Food Research International



Genistein Ameliorates Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease by Targeting the Thromboxane A(2) Pathway

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2018, 66: 5853-5859


High Salt Intake Attenuates Breast Cancer Metastasis to Lung

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2018, 66: 3386-3392


Fatty acids positional distribution in human colostrum and mature milk of women living in Inner Mongolia, North Jiangsu and Guangxi district of China

Food& Function

2018, 9,4234-4245


Effect of Solid-State Fermentation by Lactobacillus plantarum on th Cooking Quality, Microstructure and Physicochemical Properties of Brown Rice


2018, 160: 2-9


Screening of adjunct cultures and their application in ester formation in Camembert-type cheese

Food Microbiology

2018, 70: 33-41


Effect of temperature on casein micelle composition and gelation of bovine milk

International Dairy Journal

2018, 78: 20-27


Screening of adjunct cultures and their application in ester formation

in Camembert-type cheese

Food Microbiology



Chiral Shell Core-Satellite Nanostructures for Ultrasensitive Detection of Mycotoxin


2018, 14, 1703931


Aptamer based SERS detection of Salmonella typhimurium using DNA-assembled gold nanodimers

Microchimica Acta

2018, 185 (7): 325


Nanogapped Au-(core) @ Au-Ag-(shell) structures coupled with Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles for the detection of Ochratoxin A

Analytica Chimica Acta

2018, 1033: 165-172


Zipper-like magnetic molecularly imprinted microspheres for on/off switchable recognition and extraction of 17β-estradiol from food samples

Food Chemistry

2018.261 : 87–95


The impact of lactation and gestational age on the composition of branched-chain fatty acids in human breast milk

Food& Function

2018, 9: 1747-1754


Effect of rice bran fibre on the quality of rice pasta

International Journal of Food Science and Technology

2018, 53: 81-87


The light-up fluorescence of AgNCs in a "DNA bulb"


2018, 10: 11517-11523


Fast Detection of Bismerthiazol in Cabbage Based on Fluorescence Quenching of Protein-Capping Gold Nanoclusters

Analytical Sciences

2018, 34: 415-419


Self-assembled Diphenylalanine Peptide Fibrils with Ultra-High Aspect Ratio: A Platform for Sensitive Electrochemical H2O2 Sensor

International Journal of Electrochemical Science



Peyer's patch-specific Lactobacillus reuteri strains increase extracellular microbial DNA and antimicrobial peptide expression in the mouse small intestine

Food& Function

2018, 9: 2989-2997


Quality parameters of black carp (Mylopharyngodon piceus) raised in lotic and lentic freshwater systems

LWT-Food Science and Technology

2018, 90: 45-52


Protective Effects of Dietary Supplements Containing Probiotics, Micronutrients, and Plant Extracts Against Lead Toxicity in Mice

Frontiers in Microbiology



Dextrin-uricase conjugate: Preparation, characterization, and enzymatic properties

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules



1-Butanol-Hydrochloric Acid Hydrolysis of High-Amylose Maize Starch




Bifidobacteria attenuate the development of metabolic disorders, with inter- and intra-species differences

Food& Function

2018, 9: 3509-3522


A Novel Cyclodextrin-Functionalized Hybrid Silicon Wastewater Nano-Adsorbent Material and Its Adsorption Properties




Effects of functional beta-glucan on proliferation, differentiation, metabolism and its anti-fibrosis properties in muscle cells

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

2018, 117: 287-293


Effects of Geniposide from Gardenia Fruit Pomace on Skeletal-Muscle Fibrosis

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2018, 66: 5802-5811


Contribution of spontaneously-fermented sourdoughs with pear and navel orange for the bread-making

LWT-Food Science and Technology

2018, 89: 336-343


Effects of water-unextractable arabinoxylans on the physicochemical and rheological properties of traditional Chinese youtiao

International Journal of Food Science and Technology

2018, 53: 962-968


Isolation of a novel calcium-binding peptide from wheat germ protein hydrolysates and the prediction for its mechanism of combination

Food Chemistry



Ultrasound-assisted extraction from defatted oat (Avena sativa L.) bran to simultaneously enhance phenolic compounds and beta-glucan contents: Compositional and kinetic studies

Journal of Food Engineering

2018, 222: 1-10


Effect of annealing on the physico-chemical properties of rice starch and the quality of rice noodles

Journal of Cereal Science

2018, 84:125–131


A new approach for efficient synthesis of phenyllactic acid from L-phenylalanine: Pathway design and cofactor engineering

Journal of Food Biochemistry



Mechanism of structural interplay between rice proteins and soy protein isolates to design novel protein hydrocolloids

Food Hydrocolloids

2018, 84: 361-367


Toward water-solvation of rice proteins via backbone hybridization by casein

Food Chemistry

2018, 258: 278-283


Anti-digestion properties of amylosucrase modified waxy corn starch

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

2018, 109: 383-388


Alteration of the structure of rice proteins by their interaction with soy protein isolates to design novel protein composites

Food& Function

2018, 9(2): 4282-4291


Epitaxial growth and interfacial property of monolayer MoS2 on gallium nitride

Rsc Advances

2018, 8, 33193–33197


Cloning and expression of the sucrose phosphorylase gene in Bacillus subtilis and synthesis of kojibiose using the recombinant enzyme

Microbial Cell Factories

2018, 17(1):23


Modification of Potato Starch by Using Superheated Steam

Carbohydrate Polymers



Improvement in freeze-thaw stability of rice starch gel by inulin and its mechanism

Food Chemistry



Fluorometric determination of Vibrio parahaemolyticus using an F0F1-ATPase-based aptamer and labeled chromatophores

Microchimica Acta



Aptamer-based F0F1-ATPase biosensor for Salmonella typhimurium detection

Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical

2018, 255: 2582-2588


Recyclable (Fe3O4-NaYF4:Yb,Tm)@TiO2 nanocomposites with near-infrared enhanced photocatalytic activity

Dalton Transactions

2018, 47: 1666-1673


Improved stability and controlled release of lutein-loaded micelles based on glycosylated casein via Maillard reaction

Journal of Functional Foods

2018, 45: 1-9


Incorporation of Heavy Water for Rapid Detection of Salmonella typhimurium by Raman Microspectroscopy

Food Analytical Methods



Assessment of the antibacterial activity and the main bacteriostatic components from bayberry fruit extract

International Journal of Food Properties

2018, 21: 1043-1051


2D Chiroptical Nanostructures for High-Performance Photooxidants

Advanced Functional Materials

2018, 28: 1707237


Spiny Nanorod and Upconversion Nanoparticle Satellite Assemblies for Ultrasensitive Detection of Messenger RNA in Living Cells

Analytical Chemistry

2018, 90: 5414-5421


Preparation of an anti-4,4 '-dinitrocarbanilide monoclonal antibody and its application in an immunochromatographic assay for anticoccidial drugs

Food and Agricultural Immunology

2018, 29: 1162-1172


Bioanalytical insights into the association between eicosanoids and pathogenesis of hepatocellular carcinoma

Cancer and Metastasis Reviews

2018, 37: 269-277


The contribution of autochthonous microflora on free fatty acids release and flavor development in low-salt fermented fish

Food Chemistry

2018, 256: 259-267


Dynamics and diversity of microbial community succession during fermentation of Suan yu, a Chinese traditional fermented fish, determined by high throughput sequencing

Food Research International

2018, 111: 565-573


Phospholipid molecular species composition of Chinese traditional low-salt fermented fish inoculated with different starter cultures

Food Research International

2018, 111: 87-96


Lipid fraction and fatty acid profile changes in low-salt fermented fish as affected by processing stage and inoculation of autochthonous starter cultures

LWT-Food Science and Technology

2018, 97: 289-294


Effects of freezing method on water distribution, microstructure, and taste active compounds of frozen channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)

Journal of Food Process Engineering

2018, e12937


Physicochemical properties of apple juice influenced by induced potential difference (induced electric field) during disposable continuous-flow treatment

Journal of Food Engineering

2018, 234: 108-116


Synchronous magnetic flux-induced electrical response of orange juice

Biosystems Engineering

2018, 167: 21-31


Pilot Safety Evaluation of a Novel Strain of Bacteroides ovatus

Frontiers in Genetics



Isolation of Low-Abundant Bacteroidales in the Human Intestine and the Analysis of Their Differential Utilization Based on Plant-Derived Polysaccharides

Frontiers in Microbiology



Structural and Functional Alterations in the Microbial Community and Immunological Consequences in a Mouse Model of Antibiotic-Induced Dysbiosis

Frontiers in Microbiology



A mixture of Lactobacillus species isolated from traditional fermented foods promote recovery from antibiotic-induced intestinal disruption in mice

Journal of Applied Microbiology

2018, 124: 842-854


A molecular dynamics simulation study on the conformational stability of amylose-linoleic acid complex in water

Carbohydrate Polymers

2018, 196: 56-65


Effect of cooking methods on solubility and nutrition quality of brown rice powder

Food Chemistry



Mitigation effects of proanthocyanidins with different structures on acrylamide formation in chemical and fried potato crisp models

Food Chemistry

2018, 250: 98-104


Comparative Study on the Cryoprotective Effects of Three Recombinant Antifreeze Proteins from Pichia pastoris GS115 on Hydrated Gluten Proteins during Freezing

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2018, 66: 6151-6161


Determination of key active components in different edible oils affecting lipid accumulation and reactive oxygen species production in HepG2 cells

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry



Epicatechin adducting with 5-hydroxymethylfurfural as an inhibitory mechanism against acrylamide formation in Maillard reactions

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry



Production of a recombinant carrot antifreeze protein by Pichia pastoris GS115 and its cryoprotective effects on frozen dough properties and bread quality

LWT-Food Science and Technology

2018, 96: 543-550


Reduction of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural formation by flavan-3-ols in Maillard reaction models and fried potato chips

Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

2018, 98: 5294-5301


Effects of recombinant carrot antifreeze protein from Pichia pastoris GS115 on the physicochemical properties of hydrated gluten during freeze-thawed cycles

Journal of Cereal Science



Identification of rice varieties and determination of their geographical origin in China using Raman spectroscopy

Journal of Cereal Science

2018, 82: 175-182


Using RVA-full pattern fitting to develop rice viscosity fingerprints and improve type classification

Journal of Cereal Science

2018, 81: 1-7


Bioaccessibility, cellular uptake and transport of luteins and assessment of their antioxidant activities

Food Chemistry

2018, 249: 66-76


Effects of lactobacilli with different regulatory behaviours on tight junctions in mice with dextran sodium sulphate-induced colitis

Journal of Functional Foods

2018, 47: 107-115


Multiple mechanisms applied by Lactobacillus pentosus AT6 to mute the lethal effects of Salmonella in a mouse model

Food& Function

2018, 9: 2787-2795


Effect of acids produced from carbohydrate metabolism in cryoprotectants on the viability of freeze-dried Lactobacillus and prediction of optimal initial cell concentration

Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering

2018, 125: 513-518


Antigenicity of beta-lactoglobulin reduced by combining with oleic acid during dynamic high-pressure microfluidization: Multi-spectroscopy and molecule dynamics simulation analysis.

Journal of Dairy Science



Molecular and Functional Properties of Protein Fractions and Isolate from Cashew Nut (Anacardium occidentale L.)




Preparation of structured lipids enriched with medium- and long-chain triacylglycerols by enzymatic interesterification for infant formula

Food and Bioproducts Processing

2018, 107: 121-130


Inhibitory effects of Sichuan pepper (Zanthoxylum bungeanum) and sanshoamide extract on heterocyclic amine formation in grilled ground beef patties

Food Chemistry

2018, 239: 111-118


Antifungal activity and mechanism of monocaprin against food spoilage fungi

Food Control

2018, 84: 561-568


In vitro antibacterial activity and mechanism of monocaprylin against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus

Journal of Food Protection

2018, 81(12): 1988-1996


Characterization of an Omega-3 Desaturase From Phytophthora parasitica and Application for Eicosapentaenoic Acid Production in Mortierella alpina

Frontiers in Microbiology



Bifidobacterium breve CCFM683 could ameliorate DSS-induced colitis in mice primarily via conjugated linoleic acid production and gut microbiota modulation

Journal of Functional Foods



Molecular mechanism of substrate preference for-3 fatty acid desaturase from Mortierella alpina by mutational analysis and molecular docking

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology



The role of acyl-CoA thioesterase ACOT8I in mediating intracellular lipid metabolism in oleaginous fungus Mortierella alpina

Journal Of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology

2018, 45: 281-291


Application of high EPA-producing Mortierella alpina in laying hen feed for egg DHA accumulation

Rsc Advances

2018, 8, 39005


Optimization of the quenching and extraction procedures for a metabolomic analysis of Lactobacillus plantanun

Analytical Biochemistry

2018, 557: 62-68


Optimization of Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation method of oleaginous filamentous fungus Mortierella alpina on co-cultivation materials choice

Journal of Microbiological Methods



Application of a ω-3 desaturase with an arachidonic acid preference to eicosapentaenoic acid production in Mortierella alpina

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology



Caffeic acid-assisted cross-linking catalyzed by polyphenol oxidase decreases the allergenicity of ovalbumin in a Balb/c mouse model

Food and Chemical Toxicology



Cross-linked ovalbumin catalyzed by polyphenol oxidase: Preparation, structure and potential allergenicity

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules



The effects of imidacloprid combined with endosulfan on IgE-mediated mouse bone marrow-derived mast cell degranulation and anaphylaxis

Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology



Highly Sensitive Detection of Bovine β‑Lactoglobulin with Wide Linear Dynamic Range Based on Platinum Nanoparticles Probe

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry



A novel sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with covalently bound monoclonal antibody and gold probe for sensitive and rapid detection of bovine β-lactoglobulin

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry



Degradation of major allergens and allergenicity reduction of soybean meal through solid-state fermentation with microorganisms

Food& Function



Development of a novel H2O2-sensitive quantum dots-based fluorescent sandwich ELISA for sensitive detection of bovine β-lactoglobulin by monoclonal antibody

Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture



Inhibitory effects of catechins on beta-carbolines in tea leaves and chemical model systems

Food& Function

2018, 9: 3126-3133


Rapid determination of histamine in fish by thin-layer chromatography-image analysis method using diazotized visualization reagent prepared with p-nitroaniline

Analytical Methods

2018, 10: 3386-3392


Dynamic high-pressure microfluidization assisting octenyl succinic anhydride modification of rice starch

Carbohydrate polymers



Comparing the binding interaction between β -lactoglobulin and flavonoids with different structure by multi-spectroscopy analysis and molecular docking

Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy



Preparation of gentiooligosaccharides using Trichoderma viride beta-glucosidase

Food Chemistry

2018, 248: 340-345


A next generation probiotic, Akkermansia muciniphila

Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition



Effects of Different Doses of Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) on the Composition of Mice Fecal Microbiota, Especially the Bifidobacterium Composition




Comparative metabolomic analysis reveals global cadmium stress response of Lactobacillus plantarum strains


2018, 10: 1065-1077


The Effect of Co-infection of Food-Borne Pathogenic Bacteria on the Progression of Campylobacter jejuni Infection in Mice

Frontiers in Microbiology



In vitro fermentation of raffinose by the human gut bacteria

Food& Function



Lactobacillus plantarum CCFM10 alleviating oxidative stress and restoring the gut microbiota in D-galactose-induced aging mice

Food& Function

2018, 9: 917-924


Evaluation of Antioxidative Effects of Lactobacillus plantarum with Fuzzy Synthetic Models

Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology

2018, 28: 1052-1060


1H NMR combined with chemometrics for the rapid detection of adulteration in camellia oils.

Food Chemistry


GuoyongJiang,LuluZhang,HuiWang,QianChen, XiaolinWu, XiaoliYan,YiChen,MingyongXie

Protective effects of Ganoderma atrum polysaccharide against acrylamide Induced oxidative damage via a mitochondria mediated intrinsic apoptotic pathway in IEC-6 cells.

Food& Function



Substrate specificity and membrane topologies of the iron-containing omega 3 and omega 6 desaturases from Mortierella alpina

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

2018, 102: 211-223


Zein/gum Arabic nanoparticle-stabilized Pickering emulsion with thymol as an antibacterial delivery system

Carbohydrate Polymers



Impact of binding interaction characteristics on physicochemical, structural, and rheological properties of waxy rice flour

Food Chemistry

2018, 266: 551-556


Phenolic contents, cellular antioxidant activity and antiproliferative capacity of different varieties of oats

Food Chemistry



Biological macromolecule delivery system fabricated using zein and gum arabic to control the release rate of encapsulated tocopherol during in vitro digestion

Food Research International



Impact of protein content on processing and texture properties of waxy rice flour and glutinous dumpling

Journal of Cereal Science

2018, 81: 30-36


Preparation and application of potato flour with low gelatinization degree using flash drying

Drying Technology

2018, 36: 374-382


Characteristics and emulsifying properties of two protein fractions derivedfrom the emulsion formed during aqueous extraction of Camellia oil

Food Hydrocolloids

2019, 87: 644–652


Methionine sulfone-containing orbitides, good indicators to evaluate oxidation process offlaxseed oil

Food Chemistry

2018, 250: 204-212


9c11tCLA modulates 11t18:1 and 9t18:1 induced inflammations differently in human umbilical vein endothelial cells

Scientific report

2018, 8(1): 1535


Enzymatic Synthesis of Polyglycerol Fatty Acid Esters and Their Application as Emulsion Stabilizers

Journal of agricultural and food chemistry

2018, 66(30): 8104-8113


iCellular uptake of [1–9-NαC]-linusorb B2 and [1–9-NαC]-linusorb B3 isolated from flaxseed, and their antitumor activities in human gastric SGC-7901 cells

Journal of Functional Foods

2018, 48: 692-703


Improvement of protein quality and degradation of allergen in soybean meal fermented by Neurospora crassa

LWT-Food Science and Technology

2019, 101: 220-228


Alteration on phenolic acids and the appearance

of lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn) seeds dealt with

antistaling agents during storage

International Journal of Food Properties

2018, 21(1), 1481-1494

Yanfang Yu,Hongyan Li,Bing Zhang,Junwen Wang,Xuping Shi,Jinzhi Huang,Jianyuan Yang,Yanfei Zhang,Zeyuan Deng

Nutritional and functional components of mulberry leaves from different varieties: Evaluation of their potential as food materials

International Journal of Food Properties

2018, 21(1), 1495-1507


Iron homeostasis in the human body and nutritional irondeficiency and solutions in China

Journal of Food Biochemistry

2018, 42(6): e12673.


Intervention of transglutaminase in surimi gel under microwave irradiation

Food Chemistry

2018, 268: 378-385


Study on water proton distribution and flow status of starch during the hydration process

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

2018, 118: 997-1003


Effects of microwave combined with conduction heating on surimi quality and morphology

Journal of Food Engineering

2018, 228: 1-11


Heating surimi products using microwave combined with steam methods: Study on energy saving and quality

Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies

2018, 47: 231-240


Tannase immobilisation by amino-functionalised magnetic Fe3O4-chitosan nanoparticles and its application in tea infusion

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules



Solvent extraction of caffeoylquinic acids from Artemisia selengensis Turcz leaves and their in vitro inhibitory activities on xanthine oxidase

Industrial Crops and Products



Formation and characterization of tannic acid/beta-glucan complexes: Influence of pH, ionic strength, and temperature

Food Research International



The possible mechanism of hydroxytyrosol on reducing uric acid levels

Journal of Functional Foods

2018,42, 319-326


Preparation of acetylated nanofibrillated cellulose from corn stalk microcrystalline cellulose and its reinforcing effect on starch films

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

2018, 111: 959-966


Thermostabilization of a thermophilic 1,4-alpha-glucan branching enzyme through C-terminal truncation

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

2018, 107: 1510-1518


Liquefaction concentration impacts the fine structure of maltodextrin

Industrial Crops and Products



Heat pretreatment improves the enzymatic hydrolysis of granular corn starch at high concentration

Process Biochemistry

2018, 64: 193-199


Enhancement of α-CGTase thermostability with the addition of calcium or barium ions

Food Bioscience



An ultrasensitive electrochemical immunosensor for Cry1Ab based on phage displayed peptides




Effects of soluble soy polysaccharides and gum arabic on the interfacial shear rheology of soy beta-conglycinin at the air/water and oil/water interfaces

Food Hydrocolloids

2018, 76: 123-130


Enhanced CaSO4-induced gelation properties of soy protein isolate emulsion by pre-aggregation

Food Chemistry

2018, 242: 459-465


Enzyme-assisted ultrasonic-microwave synergistic extraction and UPLC-QTOF-MS analysis of flavonoids from Chinese water chestnut peels

Industrial Crops and Products

2018, 117: 179-186


Stability of the phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacity of five fruit (apple, orange, grape, pomelo and kiwi) juices during invitro-simulated gastrointestinal digestion

International Journal of Food Science and Technology

2018, 53: 1131-1139


Protein Separation Coacervation with Carboxymethyl Cellulose of Different Substitution Degree: Noninteracting Behavior of Bowman-Birk Chymotrypsin Inhibitor

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2018, 66: 4439-4448


Distribution of odour compounds, antinutritional factors and selected storage stability parameters in soymilk as affected by differences in roasting temperatures and times

Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization

2018, 12: 1695-1706



A peptide/maltose-binding protein fusion protein used to replace the traditional antigen for immunological detection of deoxynivalenol in food

and feed

Food Chemistry



Chemistry Behind Rare Sugars and Bioprocessing

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2018,66 (51), pp 13343-13345


Biotechnical production of trehalose through the trehalose synthase pathway: current status and future prospects

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

2018, 102: 2965-2976


Combination of sequence-based and in silico screening to identify novel trehalose synthases

Enzyme and Microbial Technology

2018, 115: 62-72


Bioextrusion of Broken Rice in the Presence of Divalent Metal Salts: Effects on Starch Microstructure and Phenolics Compounds

Acs Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

2018, 6: 1162-1171


Porous Starch-Based Material Prepared by Bioextrusion in the Presence of Zinc and Amylase-Magnesium Complex

Acs Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

2018, 6: 9572-9578


High-efficiency production of gamma-cyclodextrin using beta-cyclodextrin as the donor raw material by cyclodextrin opening reactions using recombinant cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase

Carbohydrate Polymers

2018, 182: 75-80


Effect of frying on the pasting and rheological properties of normal maize starch

Food Hydrocolloids

2018, 77: 85-95


Linear dextrin as curcumin delivery system: Effect of degree of polymerization on the functional stability of curcumin

Food Hydrocolloids

2018, 77: 911-920


An ultrasensitive aptasensor based on fluorescent resonant energy transfer and exonuclease-assisted target recycling for patulin detection

Food Chemistry

2018, 249: 136-142


Effect of exogenous metal ions and mechanical stress on rice processed in thermal-solid enzymatic reaction system related to further alcoholic fermentation efficiency

Food Chemistry

2018, 240: 965-973


Measurement and characterization of external oil in the fried waxy maize starch granules using ATR-FTIR and XRD

Food Chemistry

2018, 242: 131-138


Supramolecular hydrogel formation between chitosan and hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin via Diels-Alder reaction and its drug delivery

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

2018, 114: 381-391


Green Synthesis of Cyclodextrin-Based Metal Organic Frameworks through the Seed-Mediated Method for the Encapsulation of Hydrophobic Molecules

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2018, 66: 4244-4250


Novel Approach with Controlled Nucleation and Growth for Green Synthesis of Size-Controlled Cyclodextrin-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks Based on Short-Chain Starch Nanoparticles

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2018, 66: 9785-9793


Porous-structured extruded instant noodles induced by the medium temperature -amylase and its effect on selected cooking properties and sensory characteristics

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heavy chain single domain antibody library
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chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
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and quantitative detection of clenbuterol in swine urine
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hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia
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Research on Chemical Intermediates DOI  
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